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LST 393
LST 393 Group Tour

Along the Lake Michigan shoreline in West Central Michigan, Muskegon County offers every element you need to make
your Group Tour a success. We can provide you with compatible atMichigan Maptraction options, a variety of lodging options with names you know and trust, custom itineraries, great dining options, and proposals that will knock your socks off!

Visit Muskegon

We realize each Group Tour has its unique requirements and we’ll ensure every proposal results in the best experience ever when visiting Muskegon. Let your Group Tour join us in the summer or fall for exciting events, take a Lake Michigan cruise, check out our exhibitions and color tours, or visit in the winter and spring for cultural events and performances. We can make any time of year work for your group.

Sample Group Tour Itineraries

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Explore our site and see why we’re the perfect match for your next motorcoach tour any time of the year. For personalized service for your next group event, contact us by email.

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