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Muskegon County is not only blessed with beautiful scenery, but also with talented photographers. Being a beachtown, summer is one of our favorite seasons. Looks like it is a fave for West Michigan photographers too!

Below are our Top Ten Instagram posts for the summer of 2022. If you would like to see all the sunny, summery images, drop the hashtag #VisitMuskegonSummer in the Instagram search bar. 

Share your adventures and photos with us by using #visitmuskegon 

The Deck is a Popular Place!

@gregviau on Instagram


Big Ice Cream Cones Mean Big Smiles

@VisitMuskegon on Instagram

Wonderland Distilling Co is a Wonder

@socialgrandrapids on Instagram

The Brunch House is Picture Perfect

@jocelyneager on Instagram

Summer Yoga on a WW2 Landing Ship

@yoga_juice_greens on Instagram

Lighting the Way for Photo-Ops

@visitmuskegon on Instagram

Mom in the Mitten’s Beach Day

@mom_in_the_mitten on Instagram

Surfboard Art to Save the Lights

@visitmuskegon on Instagram

Adventures at Michigan’s Adventure

@visitmuskegon on Instagram

Exploring Outdoor Accessibility 

@visitmuskegon on Instagram