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Michigan moves toward a new season with updated restrictions on indoor dining. Visit Muskegon has compiled an amended, alphabetical list of area bakeries, breweries, delis, distilleries, eateries and restaurants.


Muskegon is proud of our diverse and delicious dining options. Our restaurants have claimed numerous accolades. To name just a few: Best French Fries in West Michigan, Best Mexican Restaurant in Michigan, Best Chili in Michigan, Best Doughnut in Michigan and Best Beach Bars in America. Please join us in supporting them during these particularly trying times.

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While Indoor Dining is temporarily on hold, the Muskegon Social District is still open in Downtown Muskegon.

The Downtown Muskegon Social District allows you to purchase a to-go cup from participating businesses, take it outdoors and enjoy it anywhere within the social district. The district stretches down Western Ave from Second to Fifth Streets, and includes the corner of Pine and Clay Streets. Participating businesses are 18th Amendment , Burl and Sprig, Courses, Pigeon Hill Brewing Company, Unruly Brewing and Walkers – The Foundation.

Muskegon County Restaurants

Each listing shows the business’s current status. Clicking on the establishment’s name will bring you directly to their Facebook page (providing a Facebook page is available). There you can find the most current updates on hours, temporary closings and contact information. Most restaurants can also be called from their Facebook page.

Click Here for Our Newest Restaurant Blog with Current Information

18th Amendment Spirits Co: Food and Beverage Sales Temporarily Suspended, Open for Merch Sales
* To-Go Cocktails in Social District

4 Corners Cafe: Closing Until Spring 2021

The 490 Bakery: Online Orders for Contactless Delivery

794 Kitchen & Bar: Temporarily Closed

Abeshi Ghanaian Cuisine Food Truck: Order and Delivery

Aldea Coffee: Take Out and Outdoor Seating

The Arboreal Inn: Take Out

Asian Buffet & Grill: Take Out

BananaDogStore: Patio Seating, Curbside, Take Out and Online Orders

Bardic Wells Meadery: Temporarily Closed

Beach Cove: Closed for the Season

Bellacino’s Pizza and Grinders: Take Out and Delivery

Bernie O’s Pizza: Take Out and Delivery 

Big Apple Bagels: Take Out 

Big Cat Daddy Walleye Bar & Grill: Take Out

Big John’s Pizza: Take Out and Delivery

Biggby Coffee – Apple Ave: Drive Through

Biggby Coffee – Muskegon: Drive Through

Biggby Coffee – Norton Shores: Drive Through

Biggby Coffee of Whitehall, MI: Drive Through

Bob Evans Apple Ave: Take Out

Bob Evans Sternberg Rd: Take Out

Bone Ends: Take Out

Book Nook Java Shop: Patio Seating, Take Out

Booyahs Bar and Grill: Take Out

Brann’s Steakhouse & Grille Muskegon: Online Orders for Curbside, Delivery and Take Out

Brewer’s Lounge At Pigeon Hill: Online Orders for Curbside Pickup (Check Facebook Page for Saturday Food Truck Schedule) Open Christmas Eve 

Brooklyn Bagels Cafe – Apple Ave: Drive Through and Outdoor Seating

Brooklynn Bagels Cafe – Whitehall Rd and Henry St: Drive Through and Outdoor Seating

Brunch House: Temporarily Closed (Take Out Brunch and To-Go Cocktails begin December 19)

Buffalo Wild Wings: Online Orders and Take Out 

Burger Crest: Take Out and Drive Through

Burl and Sprig: Online Orders, Deck Seating and Take Out
* To-Go Cocktails in Social District

Cafe 31: Take Out and Drive Through

Canary Inn: Temporarily Closed

Capone’s Speakeasy: Take Out 

Carmen’s Cafe: Outdoor Seating and Take Out (No Facebook Page or Website)

The Chamber Bar & Grill: Take Out and Limited Delivery

The Cheese Lady Muskegon: Storefront Open and Call Ahead for Curbside

Chen’s Chinese & Thai: Take Out

Cherokee Restaurant: Take Out, Open Christmas Eve and New Years Eve

Chicken Coop: Take Out (Open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day)

Chili’s Grill & Bar Norton Shores: Take Out and Delivery

China Express: Delivery and Take Out

China Star: Take Out

Clem’s Market: Deli Take Out  

Coffee Factory: Temporarily Closed

Coney Land: Closed for the Season

Corine’s Cakes and Catering: Take Out, Curbside and Delivery Through Services. Open Christmas Eve

Country Dairy: Take Out and Drive Through
NEW! Pre-Orders delivered to paking lot at 1848 E Sherman Blvd.

Courses Restaurant – Culinary Institute of Michigan: Closed Until January 27th, 2021
* To-Go Cocktails in Social District

Cozy Corner: Call Ahead Drive Through (Cash Only)

Curry Kitchen: Outside Seating, Take Out and Delivery Through Grubhub and Doordash

The Deck:  Closed for the Season

Dickie’s Barbecue: Drive Through and Free Delivery

Dive Restaurant and Bakery: Order Ahead and Take Out

Dockers Fish House: Closed for the Season

Dog ‘n Suds Drive-In of Montague, MI: Closed for the Season 

Dog ‘n Suds Drive-In of Muskegon, MI: Closed for the Season

Drip Drop Drink Coffee: Take Out

Dr. Rolf’s Barbeque: Take Out, Curbside and Covered Outdoor Dining

Egg Roll House: Take Out

El Burrito Loco: Take Out 

El Tapatio Restaurant: Take Out

Factory Bar and Grill: Take Out

Family Kitchen: Take Out

Fatty Lumpkins: Curbside and Take Out

Fetch Brewing Company: Take Out

Firehouse Subs Henry St and Apple Ave: Drive Through and Delivery

Fish Mongers Wife: Curbside and Drive Through

Five Guys Muskegon: Take Out

Freddie Lee’s Bakery & To Go Bistro: Pre-Order and Takeout  (Limited Delivery Based on Order)

Fricano’s Muskegon Lake: Take Out

Fricano’s Sweet Spot: Closed for the Season

Frosty Oasis: Closed for the Season

The Frosty Cove: Closed for the Season

The Full Moon: (Temporarily Closed)

G&L: Take Out and Drive Through 

Gael’s Mexican: Take Out

Gary’s Restaurant: Closed Until December 8

Getty St Grill: Take Outt, Open Christmas Eve and New Years Eve

GirodiGelato (At Western Market): Closed for the Season

Glenside Pub: Take Out

Goobers Bakery: Take Out  

Grand Traverse Pie Company: Take Out, Curbside Pickup and Delivery

Great Lakes Grinder: Take Out

Greek Tony’s Pizza & Subs, Grand Haven Rd and Sherman Blvd: Online Orders, Take Out and Delivery, Open New Years Eve  and Day

Hamburger Mikey:  Outdoor Dining, Online Orders and Take Out

The Handsome Hobo: Take Out

Herbie’s Café: Closed Until December 8 (No Facebook Page)

Hanks Tavern: Take Out, Outdoor Seating with Fire Warmer

Health Hutt (Norton Shores, MI): Deli Take Out

Hearthstone Bistro: Take Out and Outdoor “Igloo” Dining (Reservations Required)

Hey Sugar Cotton Candy Co: Storefront Open

The Hideout: Take Out and Delivery

Hobo’s Tavern: Take Out

Hodgepodge Bake Shop: Curbside and Take Out

Hometown Creamery: Closed for thr Season

House of China: Take Out

Ice Box Brand: Open December 15 – 23

J Burger N Wings: Take Out

Jet’s Pizza: Take Out and Delivery

Jimmy’s Pub Montague: Take Out

Joe Chan’s Bistro: Take Out

Kazumi Muskegon: Online Orders and Take Out , Open Christmas Eve

Kenny’s Sandwich Shop: Take Out (Cash Only)

Kuntry Cookin’ Catering: (Small Order = 6-8 Servings) Order Ahead and Take Out

La Casa Fierro: Take Out 

Lake Dog Coney Island: Take Out

Lake House Waterfront Grille: Temporarily Closed

Lakeside Cafe: Delivery and Take Out 

Lakeside Emporium: Online Orders for Delivery or Curbside

Laughing Tree Brick Oven Bakery: Online Orders for Pickup at Sweetwater Local Foods Market 

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken: Drive Through and Delivery Through Grub Hub and DoorDash

Lefty & Romo’s Bar and Grill: Online Orders and Take Out

Lombardo’s Pizzeria and Sports Bar: Take Out and Delivery 

Lombardo’s Sicilian Pizza Muskegon: Online Orders and Take Out

Los Amigos: Take Out

Los Lagos Bar and Grill: Take Out

Lott on the Lake Breakfast & Snakshop: Take Out

Lott and Big Weezy’s Kitchen: Take Out 

Marine Tap Room: Temporarily Closed

McDonald’s Homemade Candies: Storefront is Open. Also Offering Online Orders and Curbside Pickup

Montague Farmers Market: Closed for the Season

Morat’s Bakery: Drive Through and Take Out 

Mr. B’s Pancake House: Temporarily Closed

Mr Quick: Drive Through at All Three Locations

Mr. Scrib’s Pizza: Drive Through and Delivery Through DoorDash or GrubHub

Mylan’s Waterfront Grille: Take Out and Delivery

Muskegon Farmers Market: Open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
(November 28 the Market moves indoors and will be open only Saturdays)

Muskegon Yacht Club: Curbside 

Naan Pizza: Outdoor Seating, Take Out and Delivery Through Grubhub and Doordash

Navarro’s Mexican Take-Out: Temporarily Closed

Nipote’s Italian Kitchen: Online Orders and Take Out

North Grove Brewers: Take Out and Local Delivery (Outdoor Seating Coming Soon)

North Grove Deli: Take Out and Local Delivery (Outdoor Seating Coming Soon)

The Northside Pub: Take Out

Northside Sports Page: Take Out Window or Curbside

Oh Brothers: Take Out, Curbside and Delivery

Old Channel Inn: Curbside and Take Out

Old Homestead Tavern: Take Out 

Olive Garden (Muskegon, MI): Online Orders, Curbside and Delivery

The Only Cannoli: Outdoor Seating, Online Orders and Take Out

Oriental Garden: No Information

Panera Bread Muskegon: Online Orders, Curbside, Drive Through and Delivery

Papa Bears: Take Out 

Papa Picciones Of Ravenna: Online Orders, Curbside and Delivery

Papa’s Pizza: Take Out

Parkside Pizza & Sub: Take Out and Delivery (Free Delivery Within 5 Miles) 

Pat’s Roadhouse: Take Out
Outdoor Seating with Fire/Warmer 

Pekadill’s: Online Orders and Takeout

The Pierogi Shack: Take Out

Pigeon Hill Brewing Co, Western Ave Location: Temporarily Closed
* To-Go Cocktails in Social District

Pints and Quarts: Call Ahead for Curbside, Open Christmas Eve

The Pita Place: Take Out and Drive Through

Pizza Ranch: Take Out and Delivery Through Doordash

Pub One Eleven: Take Out

Qdoba Muskegon: Online Orders, Take Out, Curbside and Delivery

RAD DADS’ Tacos and Tequila Bar: Take Out and Covered Outside Dining
Outdoor Seating with Fire/Warmer

Rake Beer Project: Take Out (Cans and Growlers)
Outdoor Seating with Fire/Warmer 

Ravenna Round Table: Take Out (no Facebook page)

Rebel Pies: Temporarily Closed

The Rec Room: Take Out and Delivery Through Grub Hub

Red Lobster Muskegon: Curbside, Take Out and Delivery Through Doordash

Red Wok Chinese Buffet: Take Out

Red Rooster Tavern – North Muskegon: Delivery and Take Out

Rocket Pizza & Sub Shop: Take Out and Delivery 

Rolling Stone Wood Fired Pizza Co in Western Market: Closed for the Season

Rootdown Yoga·Juice·Greens: Outdoor Seating and Take Out

Rum Runners: Take Out

Russ’ Restaurants (All Locations): Drive Through and Take Out

Ryke’s Bakery, Catering and Cafe: Bakery and Grab ‘n Go Cafe Items for Take Out 

Sandbar Muskegon: Temporarily Closed

SE4SONS: Temporarily Closed

Skeetown Tavern: Curbside and Delivery

Slappy’s Slaw Dog and Sandwich: Temporarily Closed

Smash Wine Bar & Bistro: Temporarily Closed

Soul Filled Eatery: Curbside, Delivery and Take Out

Starbucks Harvey St: Drive Through and Curbside

Station Grill: Curbside

Steak ‘N Egger: Take Out

Subway Henry Street: Drive Through and Take Out

Subway Whitehall Rd: Drive Through and Take Out

Subway Harvey Street: Drive Through and Take Out

Subway Grand Haven Rd: Drive Through and Take Out

Subway W Western Ave: Drive Through and Take Out

Sweet Spot – Culinary Institute of Michigan: Closed Until January 19th, 2021

Sweetwater Local Foods Market: Preorder and Drive Through 

Teddy Spaghettis: Take Out

Texas Roadhouse – Muskegon: Online Orders and Curbside

Thrasher’s Bear Lake Tavern: Take Out

Tim Horton’s Muskegon: Online Orders and Drive Through

Tony’s Pizza In The Park: Online Orders, Curbside and Delivery

Toast ‘N Jams: Take Out

Topshelf Pizza and Pub – Western Ave: Take Out

Topshelf Pizza and Pub – Apple Ave: Take Out and Delivery, Open Christmas Eve

Tootsie’s Diner: Take Out and Delivery

Underground Cookie Club in Western Market: Closed for the Season

Unruly Brewing: Patio Seating, Online Orders and Take Out
Outdoor Seating with Fire/Warmer

* To-Go Cocktails in Social District

US 31 Bar-B-Q: Take Out

Village Baker in Western Market: Closed for the Season

Walkers – The Foundation: Temporarily Closed
* To-Go Cocktails in Social District

Wayne’s Deli: Take Out

West Michigan Meal Prep: Online Orders, Take Out and Delivery

Whippi Dip: No Information Available

Whitlow’s Forerunner: Take Out

Wolfies Pizza and Subs: Take Out

Wonderland Distilling: Online Orders, Take Out and Curbside

Yeti’z Frozen Yogurt: Take Out and Curbside

Yodels Frozen Yogurt: Take Out  

Yum Yum Sushi: Online Orders and Take Out

Yummy Delights LLC: Take Out

Zaloma’s Pizza: Curbside

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Restaurant staff are required to wear face coverings. Restaurants must follow “rigorous disinfection protocols” and provide COVID-19 training to employees. See the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “Considerations for Restaurants and Bars” by Clicking Here