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For our first Muskegon Travel Tip Tuesday blog… We decided to remind everyone we have an airport!

When asking around to people who have used our airport, we hear a common theme. Convenience. Who really wants to drive over an hour with the anticipation of a long weekend, or more importantly after a long weekend. Muskegon County Airport is intimate and welcoming, with friendly staff and quick turnaround times for security screenings and boarding. This is one of MKG’s biggest selling points. When thinking about a trip to the airport, we think about waiting for the elevator at the car park, waiting to check in, waiting for security, then finally, because you didn’t know how long you’d have to wait for everything else and allowed yourself extra time, you wait for boarding the plane. So of course while waiting, you get a bite to eat, have a drink, and stop at a the gift shop, spending more money at the airport than you did on your vacation!

When traveling in or out of Muskegon, you still have the option to grab some great food and drink from the Brownstone Restaurant, in a more relaxed and less hurried atmosphere.

Aside from the overall experience, it turns out, many times it’s actually cheaper to fly in and out of Muskegon… who knew?! We utilized the Muskegon County Airport’s trip calculator to check out the price difference for an upcoming trip to Minneapolis over Halloween weekend. Below are the results:


This calculator compares the most similar flights we could find to each city. Not only do you save money, but you’d get into Minneapolis three hours earlier on Friday and get home to Muskegon an hour and a half earlier (two and half hours earlier if you include drive time from Grand Rapids).

So next time you fly, check MKG for your future trips!