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A Message from Visit Muskegon

The Tourism and Hospitality industries have been among the hardest hit industries nationwide by the spread of COVID-19. Why? Because our industry relies upon direct contact with people, and people are the lifeblood of our industry.


Our local hotels, attractions, entertainers, small business owners, and frontline staff – the people who answer your questions, serve food and drink, check you into a hotel, take your ticket, operate a ride, perform in a show, brew your beer, book your meeting, or cook your food – are the people whom this pandemic directly affects because of the nature of their work. The business owners depend on a steady stream of people to keep their businesses thriving, and their employees depend on consistent work, and the generosity of their patrons.


The situation is changing daily, almost hourly, so we have to do our part to keep our local Tourism and Hospitality businesses viable into the future.

* Instead of cancelling your meeting, event, training session, or vacation outright, postpone & reschedule

* Buy a gift certificate to your favorite restaurant or shop

* Get an annual pass to your favorite museum or amusement park

* Reschedule your regional meeting

* Book a hotel room

* Purchase tickets for a future show or festival

* When using delivery services or carry out, be sure to tip.

Muskegon County, the State of Michigan, and our country will get through this global pandemic. Use common sense, stay safe, and remember: Tourism Means Jobs for Muskegon County.

Please visit the MEDC website for a list of resources and information for Michigan businesses during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. They will continue to update their page as more resources become available. If you have any questions or wish to speak to MEDC directly, please call 888.522.0103. It is advised to

Businesses and non-profits are advised to enter requests for business assistance loans and/or grants now, even if you feel you are currently in good shape.  It is beneficial to already be placed in the system as more grants/loans are added.

Stay informed by bookmarking our Muskegon County COVID-19 Tourism Resources Page.