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Fourth of July Happenings

Planning a trip away for the upcoming long weekend? Muskegon is full of exciting things to do over the weekend! Today’s travel tip Tuesday will help you plan your holiday weekend in Muskegon! Let’s start out with a no brainer… The beach! What is a Fourth of July weekend without some sun, sand and crystal […]

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Muskegon Poses

One of our favorite things about summer is relaxation. Whether its reading a book by the beach, hitting a few balls at the driving range or strike some poses on the beach, Muskegon has the resources to make us all unwind. Today’s Muskegon Travel Tip Tuesday is for those of us who enjoy exercising the  mind, body […]

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Muskegon Maritime Vessels

Muskegon is known for their abundant history in lumber, manufacturing and shipping. But, did you know Muskegon is home to two World War II maritime vessels? Let’s start with the USS Silversides, located along the Muskegon Lake Channel. The USS Silversides is a Gato-class diesel-electric submarine, originally launched on August 26, 1941. The ship was named […]

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Muskegon County Airport

For our first Muskegon Travel Tip Tuesday blog… We decided to remind everyone we have an airport! When asking around to people who have used our airport, we hear a common theme. Convenience. Who really wants to drive over an hour with the anticipation of a long weekend, or more importantly after a long weekend. Muskegon […]

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